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Submitted on
December 26, 2013


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Warning:the following is rated M mature
Contains sexual content

This one is for TinyBirdGames cx

Your in the living room when suddenly you hear a noise upstairs in your room.
You quikly grab a knofe and walk slowly upstairs and you hear whispering.
"Hello,whos there" you say
"Shhh dude" you hear a voice whispering
You open your room door and walk in a little scared and feel a cold hand on ur mouth making u drop ur knife and get pulled close to someone and you see prince gumball shirtless smirking at you
"Mmm mm mm" u said in some ones hand relizing its marshell lee
"Shhh sexy lady" as gumball starts to walk towards you and you blush

Image by XxSugarOverKillXx
^^^ thats the scene btw XD alright back to story

"Gumbal-" you were cut off as he lays a hand on your collar bone close to your breasts and let out a small moan

"Mmmm,i cant take this any longer" marshall carries you bridal style and pushes u to the bed pinning you down 

"Be a good girl now and stay put" marshall says with a sexy smile

"Marshall what-" you then feel gumballs lips smash against yours while marshall is squeesing ur thighs and his cold hands go up your shirt

Your face imidatlly turns red and gumball kiss your neck and licks circles on your collar bone soon marshalls lips where on yours while gumball grins slipping your skirt off with his teeth and rubs your thighs.

"You let out a tiny yelp as u feel marshell lee leaveing love marks on ur neck to you chest.

"W-wai-" you wre cut off again with marshalls long tongue in ur mouth and gumball begins to slip off ur undies and begins to rub your women hood

You bite your tongue trying not to moan. 
"Mmm babe plz moan for us" gumball says while rubbing ur women hood
You say no with your head. "Well i guess ill make u moan" marshall chuckels evily and rips off ur shirt and tearing you bra off with his claws.

You then feel gumball sucking on your cold nipple while slipping in a finger in u and marshall suks and bites on your other nipple and squeezes your thighs making you moan

"Mmm how sweet" they grin at you and they begin to take their pants off with their boxers and marshall rubs his thing in your thigh going up and in you while gumball is sucking ur nipple massaging the other 

You moan marshalls name as he sticks his thing in you and holds your hips pounding you with every thrust and you blush

Marshall bangs you and switches with gumball and marshall liks ur neck and kisses you deeply to keep you from screaming and soon gumballs thing was in you making the bed shake 

"Ughh faster~" u moan in marshalls mouth and gumball pounds you harder and faster and begon regretting wat u said you then feel to things on you and you moan loudly

"Mmm gumball keep her shut" marshall commands to gumball and gumball kisses you deeply and his thing still inside you

You then start to come and marshall licks ur juices then kissing you giving gumball a chance to lick your women hood clean and as a reward they massage every inch of your body.

You gasp and start to pant and marshall begins to put his cloths on and gumball does the same and you lay there blushing like hell and you get up tout your cloths

"Mmm maybe one more time" marshall smirks at you and he liks his lips and gumball pins you to the bed~

xD ypu can guess wat happend next XD well idk this is my first love thingy story so dont judge -.-

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TinyBirdGames Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This....This is spectacular! *cue nosebleed* :iconmajornosebleedplz:
XxSugarOverKillXx Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Ha thx im working on the simon one now eue
TinyBirdGames Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
XxSugarOverKillXx Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Heh np ^-^
ZahimBand Dec 27, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Wait what is a nipple?
XxSugarOverKillXx Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
/.^ lets just say .....boobs /-\
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